The Social Strike Game

Ever dreamt about getting better wages?

Ever yearned to bring your city to a grinding halt?

Ever wanted to laugh and joke with your friends as you plot the downfall of capitalism?

then this game is for you!

The Social Strike Game is a group strategy game that’s fun for all the comrades. It’s an opportunity to use your imagination to figure out the ways an array of different groups and resources in a city can co-ordinate to develop social struggle in a socialist direction, build community, deal with crises, respond to significant events, and smash capitalism.

The game can be played with just two players, but it works best when you discuss your moves in a group and have another group to compare moves with. At least one person will have to act as the Master of Ceremonies (MC); describing the scenarios, adjudicating the moves, and deciding on consequences. We’ve played sessions with more than fifty people but remember, the more groups there are the longer the game takes to finish.