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The Red Plenty Games collective produces political strategy games. You can download the games from this website and run them yourself. If you’d like us to run one at your event or would like a game invented for your organisation then get in touch at

The collective that became Red Plenty Games formed in 2017 with the first outing of our Social Strike Game at a congress of the anti-capitalist organisation Plan C. Our aim was then, as it is now, to use games to explore and develop political tools for the transformation of society into one that is open, just, and enjoyable, and to encourage the adoption of strategic mindsets in pursuit of that transformation.

Since 2017 we have worked with a number of organisations (such as The World Transformed, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and the arts group Common Ground) to develop new and modified games, have facilitated game sessions across the UK and elsewhere (from the Durham Miners’ Gala, to COP26, to Cittadellarte in Northern Italy), and have produced written rules and other materials that others can use to play and adapt the games we produce (as has been done by groups from NEON, to Unite, to Allt åt alla Malmö)